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Dear Residents and Families,
We would like to begin by expressing how saddened we all are by the devastation that has occurred in Napa and Sonoma County these past few days. We would also like to thank so many of you for reaching out to our teams to ask how you can help. Carlton Senior Living would like to do our part as well to assist those seniors impacted by this horrible tragedy. We have reached out to disaster relief services, as well as local hospitals, and will be accepting seniors who have been evacuated from their homes. We will continue to do whatever we can to assist. Not only do our new friends need food and other entails, most came in with just the clothes on their backs. We will be accepting gently used and new adult clothing and new shoes and undergarments to provide for our evacuees.
If you have any questions, please contact your management team.
Thank you for all of your continued support.

David Coluzzi, President

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Pleasant Hill Road Senior Apartments and Assisted Living

Our Pleasant Hill community’s lush grounds are a nature lover’s dream, with birdhouses, hummingbird feeders and a landscaped courtyard with inspiring sunset vistas. This conveniently located community is close to shopping, restaurants and a nearby pharmacy. Its senior independent living apartments, and assisted living services, are ideal for seniors looking for a relaxing retirement environment.

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From the Carlton Senior Community Blog

Pablo & Adelaide's Secret to Love

Pablo & Adelaide Chavez Established 1948 "Family is not an important thing. It is everything." ~Michael J. Fox Standing by your significant other, throughout life’s entire journey is a foundation for Pablo and Adelaide Chavez. Since meeting in 1948 their connection has blossomed as they recall fondly coffee dates that were rich with conversation and what we would consider now, more than affordable coffee, at only 10 cents a cup! Adelaide and Pablo were both motivated individuals who sought after fulfilling education landing them in careers that would leave lasting impacts far beyond retirement. For Adelaide, after graduating from Weslyan College in Illinois and moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico she worked at a Presbyterian Mission School called Menaul. It was there that she taught Home Economics and also held the role as their Director of Kitchen. After graduating from Menaul High School, Pablo took on a job as Dorm Supervisor where he lived and attended the University of New Mexico, studying Civil Engineering. They were married at the Menaul School Auditorium on December 26, 1951 by the president of the School, who was also a Presbyterian minister. Befitting of the strong and independent spirit that Adelaide is she opted to make her own wedding dress and the travel suit for her Honeymoon that she still has. Since meeting and marrying they have both strongly felt for each other and that love has only grown. Family has remained a consistent and important part of their lives as together they raised five children and have since enjoyed seeing their extended family grow with marriages, grandchildren being welcomed and most recently great grandchildren! Pablo worked for an engineering firm with projects all over the world but didn't take overseas assignments himself until the children were older, keeping in mind the importance of family.  Before he retired he worked on projects in California, Idaho and Argentina. Similarly, Adelaide waited until the youngest son was in high school before going back to get a Master’s degree at the Pacific School of Religion and pursuing a career as a counselor/trainer/educator with Battered Women's Alternatives which focused on helping women escaping and surviving domestic violence situations. Adelaide and Pablo believe that having patience, understanding and putting each other first are the key aspects and secret to their long happy married life. Read more

Sal & Kay's Secret to Love

Sal Saliani and Kay Doherty Established 2017 “Love is a quality, not a quantity.” Vanna Bonta The quality of the love shared between two people far outweighs the length of time together. This would be true for the courtship and uniting of two Carlton residents; Sal Saliani and Kay Doherty. The two met a year ago while both living at the Carlton Concord community. Prior to meeting Kay, Sal had been single for thirty years. Kay sparked his interest from across the room and he was compelled to ask her to dance during happy hour. It is befitting that the first song they danced to is, “Can’t Take My Eyes off you” by Frankie Valli. Since the Happy Hour dance they have kept their journey going by walking together to different places, one of their favorites to visit together is Peet’s Coffee. When asked if it was love at first sight they stated there was an attraction that led them to extend from their friendship into a relationship. Kay recalls that Sal was very charming and liked to dance which she too really enjoys. According to Sal she makes him happy and considering himself to be a person of spiritual and religious following he always knew that God would send him in his words, “the right woman to be happy for the rest of life.” Even though Kay had previously been married with her husband of 52 years, Sal gives her a different feeling of contentment and happiness. Kay was the first to approach the subject of love. As they recall she placed a call to Sal after returning to Carlton from spending two weeks with her sister. She told him “I have something to tell you, I think I am falling in love with you.” Sal describes Kay as compassionate, caring and giving towards others. She makes him feel a level of happiness that he never has experienced before. This feeling is when he knew she was the one for him. Kay describes Sal as very kind. He demonstrates this as he makes every effort to bring her small tokens of his love so she knows he is thinking of her. Kay really never felt that she would find love again especially after having been married once prior, but alas fate had other plans for her and her life.       The secret to a lasting relationship as agreed upon by both Sal and Kay is to always be honest and discuss the problems they are experiencing so that they can learn from them together. They make it a point to have fun and consider both laughing and enjoying each other’s company as priorities in their lives.  Read more

Dale & Abby's Secret to Love

Dale and Abby Faust Established 1959     Ryunosuke Satoro famously quoted... “Individually, we are one drop, together, we are an ocean.”           For most of us we couldn’t have imagined or planned the way we would meet our significant other or soul mate. That is often the definition described when someone feels they have been touched by “fate.” For Dale and Abby Faust the two of them were at the right place at the right time when fate brought them together. Dale had been invited to his Naval Chief’s neighborhood barbecue where Abby happened to live. They both, unknown to the other, planned to attend and met through mutual friends. For Dale it was love at first sight he describes that he just felt something inside that told him Abby was the one. It is no surprise, knowing this, that Dale was the first to say I love you. For Abby she describes that although it wasn’t love at first sight for her she knew quickly after they got to know one another that Dale was the one and she realized she couldn’t conceive of a life without him. They went on their first date, to see the movie “South Pacific” in 1958. A little unknown fact is that Dale’s naval ship and crew were actually in the background during one of the scenes in the movie! It took less than a year for Dale to pop the question and he proposed to Abby at the Kelly’s Drive In near Pearl Harbor. They were married in August of 1959 in the original Pearl Harbor Naval Chapel. Although they both love the Hawaiian Wedding Song they unfortunately were unable to use it at their wedding. They agree that life, since bringing them together, has only gotten better. Their beautiful love has blossomed as they welcomed three terrific children into this world. They have celebrated 58 years of marriage and counting and continue to feel grateful for having been there to support one another throughout life's journey. According to Dale and Abby the secret to a lasting marriage is two important components; friendship and patience. They have exemplified that love, true love, that is meant to be, will conquer all things that life can create for a couple to endure. Read more

Resident Spotlight - Jim Costa

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Jim Costa - Jim was born in 1950 and lived in the Washington Manor neighborhood of San Leandro along with his parents and two half-sisters. His father had the potential to become a pro-golfer but reasoned that there was no money in it and so he went to work for the government instead displaying his large collection of golf trophies as his consolation. Jim's mother was a homemaker and Jim has fond memories of taking day trips with his family to sunny places like Santa Cruz and also Disneyland a time or two. When Jim graduated from Marina High School the Vietnam War was raging and so he was obligated to register for the draft. Having received a draft number of sixty-six, he took his future into his own hands and enlisted in the Navy in hopes of seeing the world. Instead, he found himself stationed at the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas working as a jet mechanic. Lucky for him, one of the perks of the job was flying in the two-seater TA-4J training jets and also flying in the cargo plans of the Blue Angels. His end of service with the Navy in 1973 marked the beginning of Jim's "hippie years" which he fully embraced by growing out his hair while striving to attain enlightenment. In 1974, he moved to San Luis Obispo where he worked as a bus boy at Denny's and then elsewhere making air planes. He also married the following year but it was young love and didn't stick. During this time, Jim used the GI Bill to enroll in strictly recreational classes at Cuesta College. An interview with PG&E in September 1977 resulted in a haircut and job as a laborer which would turn into a long career with the company as a Construction Supervisor. Jim later married Susan and they welcome a daughter and a son into their family which they raised in Hayward. The young family enjoyed weekend trips to Lake Don Pedro and Del Valle where they water skied and once even rented a house boat. Jim and Susan ultimately separated after 14 years but are very proud of the two good kids they raised. Jim's next reinvention of himself came when he bought a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and he assumed a biker persona along with his girlfriend, Sandy. The two had many adventures in their 13-years together and are close friends to this day. Eventually, Jim moved to Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill along with his K9 companion, a retired service dog named Lucy. Jim says he enjoys being a part of the Carlton Pleasant Hill community because the residents and staff are friendly, the food is good, and he doesn't have to do any dishes. He can often be seen walking with Lucy or joining in for trivia and a variety of other activities. Jim also boasts an extensive collection of music and sports memorabilia. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Denee Naro     Read more

George & Sanae's Secret to Love

George and Sanae Otsuki Established 1944 Thomas Merton famously quoted... “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone- we find it with another.” George and Sanae Otsuki’s love story has stood the test of time and transition. They first met while still in grammar school when their families knew one another. However, they did not actually begin dating as a couple at that time and were more acquaintances. As their daughter recalls, Sanae was initially reluctant to date George due to the fact that he was younger than she by almost 2 years. But, as most good things come together in life, George was consistent, persistent and ultimately insistent that Sanae was the one for him and him for her. They mutually were brought together during the war while in Denver. At that time, per their daughter Carol, the Japanese had been forced to evacuate and her father George ended up working at a chicken ranch known as Toner’s in Denver. He was the first Japanese person that Toner’s had hired and they encouraged George to tell his friends that jobs were available. Sanae ended up at Toner’s as well seeking employment and thus began their journey of love as they started dating. They were married on June 10, 1944 in Denver Colorado. From their beautiful 73 year marriage and counting they raised two children, daughter Carol and son Lee and they have been blessed with 2 granddaughters, Janelle and Lindsey. As their daughter Carol can recall her parents were always very devoted to one another. For them family came first both immediate and extended family. She can remember visiting relatives every weekend. George and Sanae never argued or yelled at one another and believed in upholding a household for their children that maintained a loving and supportive family. Their children and grandchildren were and are cherished. Since becoming residents at the Carlton it is clear to all who meet them that the secret to a lasting marriage and their love is remaining true to old fashioned values. They remain committed to doing things together and caring for and to one another in their daily interactions. Sanae demonstrates the importance of waiting for George to begin her day, attend an activity or head to a meal. They are a very sweet couple that is committed to their privacy and remaining comfortable in their life together.  They have truly demonstrated that the meaning of life is best sought after together, to lean on, to support, to uplift and to celebrate life and all that it has to offer. Read more

CSL Pleasant Hill's Cookbook for a Cure

Order Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill's "Cookbook For A Cure" 100% of proceeds donated to benefit Alzheimer's Research This beautifully illustrated cookbook features a collection of favorite recipes from Carlton associates, residents, families and friends of Carlton Senior Living. Carlton Senior Living has been caring for our residents for over 32 years and we want to continue helping whenever we can by giving back to our local communities. "The Alzheimer's Association is close to our hearts as you Memory Care program is continuing to grow and provide the best possible care to our residents," says Dave Coluzzi, Carlton Senior Living President. Our person-centered approach to to memory care allows us to provide the best possible care to our residents through education, specialized programs, and unique services. This cookbook is another way for our folks to help to find a cure.   To order, send a $15 check payable to Alzheimer's Association to:  Carlton Senior Living, 2770 Pleasant Hill Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 Include your name and address. Or pick up a copy at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill.   If you would like your favorite recipe included in our 2018 edition, send an email to [email protected] for details. The publication of this book was made possible by Terry Barrett, Associate Director of CSL Pleasant Hill and was whimsically illustrated by Katreece Montgomery, an associate at CSL Pleasant Hill.     Read more

Reducing Falls in Memory Care Through Innovative Technologies

According to the Alzheimer's Association, falls are the primary cause of Alzheimer disease–related hospitalizations, contributing to 26 percent of all hospitalizations in the United States. Stats like this are hard to ignore and, because of this, Carlton Senior Living was excited to be the first facility to deploy an innovative technology offered by SafelyYou that has resulted in an 80 percent reduction in falls [1]. In 2017, Carlton Senior Living Davis partnered with Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research, an affiliate of UC Berkeley, to test the SafelyYou system to detect falls and prevent future falls within our memory care environment. With about a third of our memory care residents participating, the community as a whole was very enthusiastic to take part in the study and for the potential opportunity to improve care. During the study, motioned-activated cameras were placed in the rooms of the participants and footage from the cameras was reviewed when a fall had been recorded to assess the situation and to evaluate the cause of each fall. Having the opportunity to observe falls that may have otherwise gone unwitnessed offered Carlton associates and the UC Berkeley Research Team an understanding of how and why each fall occurred and allowed for preventative measures to be put in place to help lower the risk of future falls. Overall, the senior living industry has embraced the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve social engagement and mental stimulation among seniors, but the SafelyYou system addresses a major concern that other companies still haven't touched on: preventing falls. "Current solutions such as available wearable techniques simply do not work in memory care. SafelyYou is the first I have seen that lets us see how falls are happening, so we can instantaneously detect head injuries, reduce the chances of repeat falls, and continue to improve the high-quality care we strive to provide," says Dave Coluzzi, Carlton Senior Living President. And while senior living communities across the United States have begun to embrace AI technologies like Alexa-enabled Echo speakers to interact with residents, Carlton is pleased to have participated in beta testing the SafelyYou system which could potentially improve the safety of individuals with dementia worldwide by decreasing the risk of falls through preventive measures.   Read more: About SafelyYou Read more: SafelyYou deploys at first facility - Carlton Davis Learn more about Carlton Senior Living's person-centered approach to Memory Care     1. Bayen E, Jacquemot J, Netscher G, Agrawal P, Tabb Noyce L, Bayen A; Reduction in Fall Rate in Dementia Managed Care Through Video Incident Review: Pilot Study; J Med Internet Res 2017;19(10):e339; DOI: 10.2196/jmir.8095; PMID: 29042342; PMCID: 5663952   Read more

Carlton Senior Living Careers

We’re looking for inspired, exceptional candidates to be part of our legendary “culture of care.” The growing Carlton team has long-term career opportunities available in resident care, dining, housekeeping, activities, maintenance and management.

If you enjoy working with people, and are looking for a place to start or grow your career, we hope you’ll consider joining Carlton Senior Living.