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Dear Residents and Families,
We would like to begin by expressing how saddened we all are by the devastation that has occurred in Napa and Sonoma County these past few days. We would also like to thank so many of you for reaching out to our teams to ask how you can help. Carlton Senior Living would like to do our part as well to assist those seniors impacted by this horrible tragedy. We have reached out to disaster relief services, as well as local hospitals, and will be accepting seniors who have been evacuated from their homes. We will continue to do whatever we can to assist. Not only do our new friends need food and other entails, most came in with just the clothes on their backs. We will be accepting gently used and new adult clothing and new shoes and undergarments to provide for our evacuees.
If you have any questions, please contact your management team.
Thank you for all of your continued support.

David Coluzzi, President

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Affordable Senior Apartments in Concord

Located within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, a movie theater and farmer's markets, our Concord senior living community is ideal for active seniors. It features spacious, affordably priced apartments with balconies. Other amenities include a full-service beauty salon, underground parking, grand living room and lush garden courtyard surrounded by landscaped grounds and trees.

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From the Carlton Senior Community Blog

Sacramento Region Hiring Event

We'd love for you to join us for our Sacramento region hiring event. Tuesday, January 30th  10AM to 12PM and 3PM to 5PM Sacramento - 1075 Fulton Ave., Sacramento 95825 Davis - 2726 5th Street, Davis 95618 Elk Grove - 6915 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove 95758 Come learn about employment opportunities at your preferred community listed above.    It takes a special group of employees to help our senior residents live their lives to the fullest, surrounded by love, kindness and care. We believe happy employees help to ensure happy residents, and that’s why we take great care in recruiting, training and retaining people who embrace and embody our unique “culture of caring.” We treat our staff members with respect, and provide them with attractive benefits, as well as opportunities for training and advancement. We’re looking for exceptional candidates to join the growing Carlton team with career opportunities available in resident care, dining, housekeeping, activities, maintenance and management. View available positions and apply online at To secure yourself an interview with one of our hiring managers, please RSVP to this event on Facebook or text Katheryn Winter, Manager of Talent Acquisition, at 925-771-0683. [pdf-embedder url="" title="Recruitment Flyer_v1_SACREG_Job Fair_1-30-18_SM2"]     Read more

Resident Spotlight - Gerdi Lynagh

Meet Carlton Senior Living's spotlight resident, Gerdi Lynagh­­ — Gerdi was born in 1924 in Hanover, Germany. Her father worked for a company that made leather belts for big machinery and her mother was a happy housewife. Gerdi had one brother who was 15 months her junior and the family lived in a big apartment with many other kids. Gerdi graduated from high school at the age of 16 at which point she had to choose whether to be drafted into the military or work in a factory. During her time in the military, she attended Radio Operators School in the midst of World War II. After graduating from the program in 1941, she was sent to Lithuania to continue her work with the military. She remained in Lithuania until Russian forces pushed her out and Gerdi was relocated to the headquarters location outside of Berlin. From there, she went to Dusseldorf, Germany located on the bank of the Rhine River. When the Allied Forces made their advance on the Rhine, Gerdi was told by American troops to return home. She then returned to Hanover where she was then offered a job to work with the Americans. In 1946, Gerdi met her husband, Edmond Lynagh, an American Army soldier. The couple was married in 1948 during the historical Berlin Airlift and the newlywed couple was dramatically flown by the Western Allied Forces from Germany to an Air Force base in New Jersey. Edmond reenlisted into the Army and was stationed in various locations including Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Korea; Fort Louis, California; Fort Huachuca, Arizona; and also France. During Edmond’s 1950 post in Korea, Gerdi opted to stay in the United States and remained in the home of Edmond’s cousin in Washington State while enjoying a break from her career. Gerdi became an American citizen in 1952 and rejoined her husband during his two-year post in Orléans, France and the couple eventually settled in California where they purchased their first home in 1954. When Gerdi returned to the workforce, she took a position with Koret of California which manufactured women’s clothing. Meanwhile, Edmond took a position with the Federal Reserve Bank. Once Edmond retired in 1958, the pair moved to Hawaii where they enjoyed the tropical weather and beautiful ocean scenery. While in Hawaii, Gerdi also worked as a volunteer for the American Red Cross and Tripler Army Medical Center where she cared for injured soldiers and assisted in the office of a military hospital for some time. Gerdi continued working for about twenty years after Edmond’s passing at which point she was promoted from volunteer status to a paid employee until she retired in 2014. In 2016, she relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to be closer to her family and she selected Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill to be her new home. Here, she enjoys visiting with her neighbors and making new friends. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Patrick Coleman   Read more

Four Simple New Year's Resolutions For Seniors

The start of a new year often inspires us to make much-needed changes in our lives and offers the opportunity for a fresh start. For seniors who want to improve their physical and mental health, the start of a new year signifies the beginning of positive change. Whether you prefer to set small goals for yourself or approach each new year as an opportunity for a complete life "makeover," here are four simple resolution ideas to help you kick-start the year:   Resolution #1 – Make Healthier Food Choices When it comes to senior nutrition, eating fresh fruits and vegetable that are rich in nutrients is the best way to go. Eating fewer processed foods and more fresh foods will make a huge difference in the way you look and feel. Start by eating more fruits, lean meats, whole grains and vegetables and gradually increase your consumption of these nutrient-rich foods over time while decreasing your intake of less healthy alternatives. It's also important to monitor your sugar intake as not all sugars are created equally. Consuming natural sugar as found in fruit and lactose can be beneficial and can actually help to stabilize your blood sugar and make you feel fuller longer. As the name implies, added sugars are processed forms of sugar, like syrups, that are added to certain foods when they're being made. Because these sugars are processed and not natural, they're not as good for your body. Another important part of a healthy diet for seniors is Omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in olive oil and fish. This heart-healthy nutrient has been known to reduce the risk of developing heart disease and other ailments. It may also protect the brain. To get enough Omega-3 in your diet, substitute fish for other meat a few times each week or talk to your physician about opting for an Omega-3 dietary supplement.   Resolution #2 – Reestablish Old Connections It's not always easy remaining close to friends and family who don't live right down the street. Fortunately, there are many resources you can use to revive your neglected relationships. One of the quickest ways to reconnect is with a simple phone call. Sending a "thinking of you" card or letter is also a nice why to keep in touch. If you're technologically savvy, social media sites like Facebook make it exceedingly easy to stay connected with friends and family from all around the world.   Resolution #3 – Remain Mentally and Physically Active As we age, it is important that we keep active - both mentally and physically. The more you use your mind, the better it will work. Read. Do crossword puzzles. Play cards. Try Sudoku. Socializing also gives your brain a boost, so strike up a conversation with your neighbor, finally make that phone call to your friend you've been putting off or join a discussion group at your local library or senior center. Physical activity can be safe and healthy for older adults — even if you have heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis. In fact, many of these conditions get better with mild to moderate physical activity. Exercises such as yoga, water aerobics, walking, and stretching can also help you control your weight, build your muscles and bones, and improve your balance, posture, and mood. Remaining both mentally and physically active is vital to maintaining your health and can help to  reduce the risk of developing dementia in the future.   Resolution #4 – Be Proactive About Fall Prevention One in every three older adults falls each year — and falls are a leading cause of injuries and death among older adults. Eliminate items in your home that are easy to trip over, like throw rugs and stray power cords. Insert grab bars in your bathtub or shower, and install night lights so it’s easier to see at night. Exercises such as walking or working out with an elastic band can increase your strength, improve balance and flexibility and help you avoid falls. Selecting the appropriate footwear can also help to prevent falls. For an all-around shoe, consider walking shoes, which provide good traction and support but do not have heavy soles or rubber over the toes which can catch on carpet.   Looking to Move This Year? If you're a senior looking to make a bigger change this year by downsizing or relocating, we hope you'll consider Carlton Senior Living. Although the thought of moving can result in a plethora of ambiguous feelings, many of our residents say they wish they had made the move sooner and after experiencing all of the services and activities our communities have to offer. Read what Carlton residents and their families have to save about our communities on our testimonials page and contact us to schedule tour and experience Carlton for yourself.   Read more

Resident Spotlight - Al Livingston

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Al Livingston - Al was born in 1929 in the beautiful and vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. His father and mother were from California but his grandmother lived in New Orleans. His mother wanted to be near her during the pregnancy and remained there for seven weeks after he was born, before Al and his folks moved back to Los Angeles. His father worked as an exporter of batteries and their components and his mother had worked as a stenographer before becoming a housewife while raising Al. Al spent his career as the Deputy Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles, based out of Sacramento. He oversaw the operations and daily details that went into managing the 96 field offices in California, from the southern tip of the state at the border with Mexico, all the way to the northern border with Oregon. He says he loved traveling all over the state, solving problems, interfacing with communities, city councils, chambers of commerce, and providing education to schools about that department of the government. Al lived in Davis with his late wife, Rita, during his career in Sacramento. One of his most memorable life experiences involves a harrowing event that took place while he was visiting a DMV field office at the border with Oregon. Al spotted a man who had fallen into the upper waters of the Sacramento River and chased his course down the bank of the river until he could pull him safely from the current. Al was not a swimmer, and knew he must act quickly, managing to do so without falling into the swift waters himself. Describing himself as having broad interests, Al owned a 4x5 Press Camera and responded to emergencies, incidents and other newsworthy events as a hobby to photograph what was occurring. He would sell these negatives to the newspapers, earning himself a reputation as a reliable source for their stories. Al is a fan of the food here at the Carlton Senior Living Davis and, as Dining Room Manager Jake Curri says, “he loves ice cream, ice cream, ice cream… and the occasional cookie!” Al is a big proponent of the City of Davis, calling it a “fresh city.” Asked how he describes himself, Al says “friendly, self confident” and that he holds himself in high regard. Of the Carlton, he states that it’s a clean, happy place. It’s bright, friendly, and accommodating. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Eric DeMuth   Read more

Resident Spotlight - Doris Varner

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Doris Varner - Doris was born in 1926 in Dallas, Texas to Gladys Wiedebusch and Milton Reynolds. She was married to Samuel Varner for 44 years until his passing in 1988. The couple had 5 daughters together named Beth, Mona, Susan, Ann and Kay. Doris describes herself as a person who loves to volunteer and help others, a loving mother, and also a person who enjoys animals. Her favorite volunteer experience was working with children in the hospital, a role she filled for 22 years. Doris enjoys having her meals in the dining room at Carlton Senior Living Concord with her friends and not having to cook on her own anymore. The most influential people in her life are her parents because they were always there for her when she needed it and taught her well. She likes sweet scents and soft music. You may be surprised to know how healthy she is at her age and she's enjoying it. Also, Doris has a collection of dolls that she made herself. When she was growing up she enjoyed family time especially playing with her three brothers and the freedom that existed in those times. Her proudest moment is having children and seeing how supportive they are. While her kids were in high school she loved going to see them perform in the school band. The most historically significant event she experienced was John F. Kennedy’s assassination. She vividly recalls this tragedy because her husband, Samuel, was the sergeant of the police department at the time and was responsible for helping get Ms. Kennedy to safety. Doris recalls that the JFK assassination showed us the importance of unity. She admires Queen Elizabeth and Angela Lansbury because they are women who are aging well and have proven that it does not matter what age you are, you can still contribute to society. Doris feels that these women represent healthy aging in so many important ways. She hopes one day this country will have peace and one of her biggest hopes is that the entire world will one day have peace and everyone will be able to get along. Doris would like to be remembered as a person who loved helping other and as a giving person. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Melissa Alvarez Read more

Resident Spotlight - Lou Meyer

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Lou Meyer – Lou has been a resident of the Bay Area for most of life. Born in San Francisco in 1937, Lou playfully refers to California as “The Wild West.” It’s hard to imagine that San Francisco was once the home to cowboys, but Lou fondly recalls growing among the horses, cattle and chickens in the once rural city. Lou’s parents, Louis and Mary Meyer, are even pictured in a book recalling this chapter of San Francisco’s history called, Images of America: San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point. This book is very precious to Lou and offers a flash back to his childhood days in a once rugged San Francisco. Lou graduated with Honors from Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco, now called Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. He received his degree from St. Mary’s College in Moraga and later became Vice Principal of Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. Some of Lou’s favorite pastimes include hunting, fishing, canoeing, and anything else related to the outdoors. He met his wife at the Catholic alumni singles club where he enjoyed being involved for for many years. At one time, Lou was also the editor for the monthly newspaper for the group as well as the president of St. Mary’s Alumni Association. After losing his wife of 51 years in April, Lou decided to move to Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill where he enjoys sharing the memories of his town and childhood. The most important things to Lou are his family and his priceless memories of their time together. Lou has three wonderful children and four grand-children as well as the family dog, a lab mix, named Spooks. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Wayne Volkar Read more

Resident Spotlight - John Searles

Meet Carlton Senior Living's spotlight resident, John Searles — John was born in 1928 in Canandaigua, New York. His mother was a school board member, library president and housewife while his father was a doctor. John had three brothers and two sisters, but when John was not yet born, one of his brothers died from the flu epidemic in 1918 when he was only 18 months old. After losing his young son, John’s father felt that being a doctor wasn’t right for him and so he became a banker. During summers when John’s father would stay in town for work, he fondly recalls his mother taking the children to their cottage on Canandaigua Lake where they would stay until Labor Day. John attended Canandaigua Academy through his junior year of high school and at the age of 16, he worked as a counselor at a summer camp run by a family friend in northern Michigan who also worked at Cranbrook Academy. Upon his return to New York at the end of summer, John learned his father was ill and so the family moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Due to the move, John coincidentally transferred to Cranbrook for his senior year. Within the same year, John’s father passed away from a brain tumor and John was also accepted into Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. John began classes at Yale and attended for two and one half years before transferring to Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. After one semester at Willamette, John decided “it wasn’t working out for me” and so he quit. Needing a change, John decided to join the service for a one year commitment as part of the peacetime draft. He was assigned to the radar repair school at Fort Bliss in Texas and once his year was complete, John thought he was finished with the service for good. Unbeknownst to him, he had been assigned to the Army Reserve and with the outbreak of the Korean War, John was called to Fort MacArthur in San Pedro for service. Prior to his recall, John commuted to Hollywood where he worked for NBC Studios in their parking lot before being called to serve an additional year. Meanwhile, John met and married Betty Wiley and the couple had three children; Julie, Mark and Devon. After his time in the service was complete, he received his degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1953. He would later earn his Master’s and Doctorate at USC. [caption id="attachment_16438" align="alignleft" width="495"] City Councilmember Lara DeLaney (second from left), and Martinez Unified School District Superintendent CJ Cammack (fourth from left), are the newest members of Martinez Rotary. Pictured from left: Janet Kennedy, DeLaney, Rotary chair Denny Horack, Cammack and John Searles. (PAUL CRAIG / Courtesy) Source: Martinez Tribune[/caption] John began his career in education working as a school teacher in Palos Verdes and eventually became a school principal. In 1968, he became an Assistant Superintendent in Salinas before moving to Martinez where he was the Superintendent of schools for nine years. When John and Betty eventually separated in 1983, John became Superintendent of schools in Alameda. John met Kathy, a dedicated educator in her own right, and in 1984 they were married and welcomed their daughter, Heather. In 1993, John retired from the school district and he and Kathy remained very active in the Martinez community until her passing in 2012. In 2011, the couple were honored with the Service Without Borders award for their commitment to serving the community. Amazingly, John has been a proud member of the Martinez Rotary Club since 1973. He has also been playing in the same bocce league in Martinez since 1975. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Patrick Coleman Read more

Resident Spotlight - Betty Telesford

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Betty Telesford - Betty Spears Telesford was born in Charleston, West Virginia to parents Russell Wellington and Catherine Gallion. Her mother was an elementary school teacher until her marriage. Her father taught French in a segregated school until the Great Depression led to the loss of his job. Realizing the need to persevere, he learned the trade of bricklaying, which helped guide him through many tough times as munitions plants were needing constructing. At this time, these trade jobs were majority union and black workers were not union-eligible. Betty’s father, along with several other tradesmen, petitioned the union and won, granting them membership and retaining their jobs. [caption id="attachment_16408" align="alignright" width="292"] Meet Betty Telesford, Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident[/caption] During World War II there was a shortage of nurses and Betty elected to join the US Cadet Nurse Corps, established in July 1943 to allow eligible women the opportunity to be sent through nursing school for the benefit of serving wartime America. Betty was located in Harlem, New York, and worked there for Harlem Hospital, where she met her future husband, a medical doctor intern. Betty and her husband relocated to several different states throughout their careers and marriage, including Illinois, Kansas and ultimately California, where they settled in a town called Porterville, north of Bakersfield, and west of Sequoia National Forest. Betty continued to work part-time as a nurse and then, in the 1960s, decided to go back to college for a degree in Sociology. The cultural changes of the 1960s, linked with political uncertainties, and a continuing fight for civil rights, led Betty to want to open her mind to help her understand the direction things were heading and the recurring social patterns that are inherent in historical times like those. Betty had two children, a daughter who lives locally in Davis, and a son who has lived in Denmark for the past 27 years. Betty says she most enjoys jazz, symphony and folk music, and movies that offer good dialogue and conversation. She says she most admires her husband and father, men whom she says both survived and prospered in this world through all odds against them. Her father would sometimes say, “It’s a cold, cruel world, but you have to survive.” Betty says that the things she likes most about being at the Carlton Senior Living Davis is that she doesn’t have to worry about shopping, cooking, cleaning, gardening, driving, and having to fix things that break. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Eric DeMuth     Read more

Carlton Senior Living Careers

We’re looking for inspired, exceptional candidates to be part of our legendary “culture of care.” The growing Carlton team has long-term career opportunities available in resident care, dining, housekeeping, activities, maintenance and management.

If you enjoy working with people, and are looking for a place to start or grow your career, we hope you’ll consider joining Carlton Senior Living.