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Dear Residents and Families,
We would like to begin by expressing how saddened we all are by the devastation that has occurred in Napa and Sonoma County these past few days. We would also like to thank so many of you for reaching out to our teams to ask how you can help. Carlton Senior Living would like to do our part as well to assist those seniors impacted by this horrible tragedy. We have reached out to disaster relief services, as well as local hospitals, and will be accepting seniors who have been evacuated from their homes. We will continue to do whatever we can to assist. Not only do our new friends need food and other entails, most came in with just the clothes on their backs. We will be accepting gently used and new adult clothing and new shoes and undergarments to provide for our evacuees.
If you have any questions, please contact your management team.
Thank you for all of your continued support.

David Coluzzi, President

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Sacramento Senior Apartments and Assisted Living

Located close to shopping, restaurants, entertainment and hospitals, this lively, activity-filled Sacramento community offers a wide variety of senior apartments and assisted living options, as well as short-term respite care. It features stylish, contemporary architecture and attractive outdoor spaces, including a large courtyard and garden area for socializing.

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From the Carlton Senior Community Blog

Resident Spotlight - Donna Rolls

Donna de Saint Croix Rolls was born on August 6, 1931 in Arlington, Massachusetts to Frances and Donald Wood. She was named Donna after her father and her unique middle name had been passed down through her mother's family for four generations. Naturally, when Donna gave birth to her own daughter, Allison, she also passed on the middle name. Donna was raised Unitarian Universalist, a religion which traces its roots back nearly 450 years to 16th Century Transylvania. Her mother took care of the home and family while her father was a self-employed gold and silver smith. Due to the nature of her father's profession, Donna's family moved around the New England states. At ten years old, she recalls waiting in the car during the birth of her brother, Christopher, because children were not allowed to accompany their parents into the hospital during that time. By then, the family was living in New Haven, Connecticut. Two years later, Donna had an unexplainable stroke while on the school playground and she remembers her mother trying to keep her awake as they quickly drove to the New Haven hospital. Before Donna was released from the hospital, her father decided to let her select where the family would move next. She chose the bustling borough of Brooklyn, New York where her parents purchased their home. [caption id="attachment_15709" align="alignright" width="172"] Donna at around age 11 and her mother, Francis.[/caption] Following her graduation from high school, Donna started working at a hospital in the x-ray department. After about a year on the job, her father strongly encouraged her to decide what she'd like do with the rest of her life. Donna then applied and was accepted at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland where she majored in English and minored in philosophy. Although she admits it was a bit difficult, Donna graduated with a Bachelor's Degree. At the age of 24, Donna began working at Hanover bank and saving her money so that she could begin life on her own. Once she saved enough money, young Donna moved to San Francisco and immediately began attending church services. While attending church, Donna met her husband-to-be, William Rolls, and the couple was married after a six-month courtship. The newlyweds started their family in the Victorian house and later relocated to Richmond to be closer to William's new job. Donna and William had three children; Christopher, Allison and Roxanne, all of whom were raised as Unitarian Universalists. The Rolls family were members of the Society for Creative Anachronisms and Donna recalls the happy times the family had with the SCA while acting out scenes from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Donna also enjoyed her seven years as a Girl Scout leader which allowed her to spend time with her daughters. Donna and William decided to split after 20 years of marriage and she moved to her own place and began her career at Pacific Horticulture from which she would retire 17 years later. During that time, Donna became very active in the Berkeley church with which she would travel to Transylvania in Romania on three separate occasions to learn more about her religious origins. After retiring, Donna lived in Walnut Creek for 13 years until eventually moving to Carlton Senior Living Concord. She now calls Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill her home. Here Donna enjoys creating art, laughing and joking with her neighbors and always offers a friendly smile.   Read more

Resident Spotlight - Howard Jennings

Retired Chief Master Sergeant USAF, Howard Jennings, was born and raised in the great state of Texas. After completing school, he joined the military at age 17 and served the US Marine Corp for 26 years, 2 months and 8 days before retiring in 1978. Following his retirement from the Marines, he traveled to Saudi Arabia as a Civil Servant and, for five years, worked as an advisor to the Saudi Air Force. Howard and his wife, Ella, a nurse, have two sons and two daughters. While they were growing up, Howard was proud to have coached his children in basketball, baseball and football. The family also traveled to Germany, Japan and on a cruise to Mexico and the Caribbean, experiences which they all enjoyed. Howard was also an active member of the Mount Calvary Church for many years and performed with the male choir for 21 years. When asked about his passions, Howard describes his career in the military and his love for sports, naming the San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors as his favorite teams. He also fondly recalls marching in the parade every year while he lived in Fairfield. Howard appreciates the social nature of the Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill community and loves going to the movies and on lunch outings with his family. He also enjoys reading his bible, prayer time and the communion he receives from his church. Howard is happy at Carlton and is very proud of his loving and well-accomplished family.   Read more

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