Reducing Falls in Memory Care Through Innovative Technologies

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, falls are the primary cause of Alzheimer disease–related hospitalizations, contributing to 26 percent of all hospitalizations in the United States. Stats like this are hard to ignore and, because of this, Carlton Senior Living was excited to be the first facility to deploy an innovative technology offered by SafelyYou that has resulted in an 80 percent reduction in falls [1]. In 2017, Carlton Senior Living Davis partnered with Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research, an affiliate of UC Berkeley, to test the SafelyYou system to detect falls and prevent future falls within our memory care environment. …

by Denee Naro

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Things Eyes Say About Senior Health

Both early diagnosis and awareness of potential problems play an important role in senior eye health. Amongst the more common issues that affect senior eye health, we include glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. If you know where to look for these looming health issues, it could go a long way towards prevention and treatment. Blurred or Tunnel Vision Amongst the warning signs of glaucoma are blurred vision, halos around lights, nausea, and eye pain. You might have permanent damage to the eye (not just limited to glaucoma) if you experience loss of peripheral vision or advanced tunnel vision. This is why a regular comprehensive eye e …

by Jonita Dixon

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Innovative Alzheimer’s Therapies

Despite the fact that Alzheimer’s disease remains incurable, researchers are constantly coming up with new therapies that are able to improve quality of life, increase function, and lessen symptoms. There are many different drug-free therapies that are being explored. These are just a handful of the more promising and innovative therapies. Therapy #1 – Favorite Food Therapy A comfort-centered approach is the new way that some memory care providers are offering to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Some of the studies show that residents require less medication, are more peaceful, and are more content overall. There are some places where residents are …

by Jonita Dixon

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The Power Of Smell In Memory

It has likely happened to you before…you smell a familiar scent and it sends your memory spiraling back to your childhood. It can be the smell of something so simple like a pine tree, flower, newspaper ink, a new book (or an old book for that matter), and suddenly you are drawn into some of your richest memories complete with the smallest details in the most vibrant colors. How can this be? The Power Of Smell Explained It is because our olfactory senses are invoking the “odor evoked autobiographical memory,” and yes, that is a mouthful (or rather a nose-full). In other words, you just experienced what is known as Proust phenomenon, an experie …

by Jonita Dixon

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Diseases Linked to Communication Disorders in Seniors

Seniors are especially prone to ailments that can affect speech in a negative way. Because both understanding and hearing are important for seniors, it is a good idea to know a bit more about the different health issues that seniors often face in relates to communication disorders. Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, may hinder communication and understanding in a massive way. That is because the part of the brain that is responsible for comprehension and speech is damaged. Even though dementia is incurable and progressive, that does not mean that therapies might not (temporarily) improve communic …

by Jonita Dixon

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Can You Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Glaucoma?

The number of people throughout the country who have glaucoma is estimated to be at around three million – but only around half of those living with glaucoma actually know that they have it. While it is not possible to cure glaucoma, it is possible to treat it if it is detected early enough. This is one of the reasons that it is imperative that you know about the warning signs of glaucoma. The Symptoms Of Glaucoma Glaucoma can lead to irreversible vision loss, and it is a group of diseases that impact the optic nerve in the eye. There are alternate warning signs for the different kinds of glaucoma. To make matters even worse, there might be c …

by Jonita Dixon

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Common Warning Signs Of Parkinson's Disease

It can be exceedingly difficult to tell that our loved one has Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms can be so subtle during the early stages that it can almost go unnoticed. This means that the disease often goes undiagnosed for a long period. There are a combination of warning signs rather than having one definite symptom of Parkinson’s. There are different symptoms for every person who lives with Parkinson’s, which makes the diagnosis process very confusing. However, a few things can help you determine whether your loved one is experiencing the early stages of Parkinson’s. Complications with moving Feelings of stiffness, especially in the legs …

by Jonita Dixon

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