Yesenia Leon – Best of the BEST

Yesenia and JanineNominee: Yesenia Leon

Community: Pleasant Hill

Department: Dining Room

Position: Wait Staff (Lead)

Reason for Yesenia’s Nomination:

Yesenia Leon has been with CSL Pleasant Hill since October 2001. Yesenia has been a great Lead in the DR and has earned the respect of her fellow coworkers by leading by example. Yesenia has filled in when short staffed without hesitation or complaint. She lends a hand without being asked. She sees something that needs to be done and just does it. Yesenia has also cross trained to Prep Cook and Short Order Cook and has been valuable in helping out in the Kitchen when needed. Yesenia also helps her coworkers with limited English skills in translating for Management or answering Associates questions as well as navigating the online Payroll and Training programs.

* I have observed Yesenia to always be kind and helpful to residents and coworkers. She never hesitates to help or find someone to help a resident or coworker. He caring nature and compassion is obvious and she truly exhibits the Carlton Way in her service to others. (Manager)

* Whether she’s serving meals or cooking, Yesenia serves our community with a smile on her face and genuine desire to help others. He kind heart and caring spirit shine through when she’s interacting with residents and their families. Her ceaseless patience and compassion are commendable and definitely qualify her for Best of the Best.. (coworker)

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