Why A Move In The New Year Makes Sense

happy-senior-woman-restingWhen it comes to moving, sometimes people think that moving as quickly as possible is a great idea – just to get things out of the way. The truth is that postponing your move for a few months (until the start of the New Year) gives you a number of different perks that you might not have thought about.

Benefit #1 – Less Stress

For most people, the holidays are an amazing time of the year. It is a time full of enjoyment, food, and family. Oftentimes this is a stressful enough time because you are trying to finish errands left and right. Chances are that people have relatively little free time during the holidays – adding packing, moving, and finding a new place to live to the list of things to do is not conducive to a stress-free holiday season.

Benefit #2 – You Can Save Money

When it comes to the real estate market, waiting until the New Year might give you a number of benefits. Most movers and real estate professionals consider the wintertime to be the slow season. This means that you might be able to grab some bargains in the process. You also get these benefits:

  • Moving companies are more flexible – During the winter period, you will find that moving companies are flexible when it comes to their pricing and availability. They will want to win your business and are willing to offer incentives and deals to do so.
  • Realtors are less busy – Especially during the winter period, you might find that realtors are less busy and are more devoted to helping people find the right place. Especially if you have a loved one who is moving from a home to a residential living facility, this could be a great benefit if you want to sell the house.

Benefit #3 – Help Is Easier To Get

Not only is moving stressful, it requires a great deal of effort as well. You will have a better experience if you have more help available to you. Everyone is busy during the holidays, meaning that you will often find that you are lacking some help. Family and friends are far more likely to help after the holiday season is over and they have more time available.

Time To Move?

Regardless of the time that you decide to move, moving to an assisted living facility could always be a great idea. Especially if you know that your loved one is no longer able to care for him/herself as they once were. The different options found at www.carltonseniorliving.com are able to offer some of the better living experiences available.

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