Ways To Incorporate Aromatherapy In Your Everyday Life

aromatherapyEven though aromatherapy is very popular right now, it has actually been known to people for centuries. The stress-relieving and healing properties of these natural oils have been known to our ancestors long before it became popular again. The property of these oils, used topically, with direct inhalation, or aerial diffusion, are widely believed to help treat a number of different aliments, including depression and anxiety. Even though it is not a scientifically proven concept, many seniors do suggest that they experience benefits when using aromatherapy.

It might be a little difficult to determine how you can use aromatherapy in your life, which is why we are going to share a number of different ways that seniors are capable of using aromatherapy.

  • Diffusers– Even though they represent an initial investment, these diffusers might be worth it if you are serious about aromatherapy. Many of the diffusers available on the market use diluted essential oils.
  • Massage– By combining a few drops of essential oils with carrier oils (almond oils or coconut oils) it is possible to infuse massage with aromatherapy. The reason that it is not recommended to use essential oils directly on the skin is because of possible skin irritation.
  • Candles– You might not get the best experience when buying aromatherapy candles directly, and they are also relatively expensive. By adding essential oils to unscented candles (only 1 to 2 drops) it is possible to release the scent once the wax begins to melt.
  • Bath– By adding between 6 to 9 drops of essential oils to your bath, it is possible to create a real aromatherapy experience. It is also possible to add 5 to 7 drops to a clean, damp washcloth if you prefer showering instead.
  • Cleaning– Leave a lovely scent throughout the home by adding a few drops of essential oils to your mop or your dust pad. This is going to leave a great scent lingering in your home.
  • Laundry– Grab a terry cloth and add 3 to 5 drops of your essential oils, now toss the cloth in the dryer while your clothes are also spinning in there. The lower the heat of your laundry, the stronger the scent is going to be.

Using aromatherapy in someone’s daily life can be simple, whether you use just one of the methods that we have discussed here or decide to try all of them by experimenting with the different aromas and effects, it is possible to determine what oils are best suited for our loved ones.

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