Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Isolation

senior-woman-with-daughterSocial isolation and loneliness have both been linked to poor health outcomes. Especially in older adults, isolation and loneliness have numerous detrimental health effects. Unfortunately, while it has many negative effects, isolation is alarmingly common amongst seniors. These are the top ways to avoid isolation.

Way #1 – Make Transportation Available

The primary cause of a social isolation for seniors is a lack of adequate transportation. That is why it is a good idea that seniors have independent choices in relates to travel that can help promote their social health.

Way #2 – Encourage Hearing and Vision Tests

If seniors have untreated or undiagnosed hearing problems, they may avoid social situations altogether. This is because they might experience embarrassment or have difficulty communicating. It is important to have hearing problems treated and have their hearing checked out. The only barrier standing between a seniors and better social health might be a hearing aid.

Way #3 – Make Adaptive Technologies Available

These may range from the above-mentioned hearing aids to walkers, and they can help compensate for age related deficiencies and deficits. Unfortunately, most seniors are not actively taking advantage of these devices. Oftentimes seniors do not use these aids because they do not want to appear or feel old.

Way #4 – Encourage Dining with Others

There is something inherently social about eating with others. It is a good idea to share dinner with others, especially because it helps reduce social isolation and ensures that seniors eat far more. Especially because nutrition is essential for the elderly, dining with others can promote better nutrition.

Way #5 – Give a Senior Something to Take Care Of

The act of nurturing might help in relieving social isolation. Those seniors who have pets require less medication, have more motivation for constructive use of time, feel more secure, experience less loneliness, and have less depression. Caring for an animal companion can be quite beneficial, provided that the senior is capable of caring for a pet. If they are not able to do so, tending a garden may also help satisfy their nurturing drive.

Senior Living – Less Social Isolation

Another way to reduce senior isolation is to opt for a residential living facility such as the ones found at www.carltonseniorliving.com. Having others nearby is going to go a long way towards ensure that seniors are not as socially isolated. Living in these facilities genuinely reduces the obstacles involved in getting into contact with others.

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