Tips During The Moving Process For Seniors

laughing-with-granddadIf your mom or dad is moving to a new assisted living facility, chances are that the changes might seem overwhelming at first. If you want to make the situation a bit easier, it is possible to consider a few different tips. We have come up with a handful of tips that can make the transition during the move much easier.

Be Active In Their New Community

At the better assisted living facilities, new residents are encouraged to socialize with one another. One of the main problems with elderly people living alone is feelings of isolation. It would make no sense to move if you would keep that same problem as it was. It is important for older residents to be able to talk to other residents, get out of their room, and just socialize with others.

During the initial few days, it is a good idea to attend an event that is ongoing already. Perhaps a gaming hour or a movie night that is being held at the facility. That is going to make the initial contact much easier, and thus make it much less stressful to interact with other residents.

Being Open Minded

At first, it can be a little overwhelming for most residents to see their belongings somewhere new. However, being understanding of the situation and keeping an open mind are great ways of making the transition much easier. It is important to understand that this is a decision that you likely made with plenty of planning. Knowing why this is happening could make the process less stressful as well.

Be Open To Asking Questions

It is important to be able to ask questions about meal times, medications, or physical therapy or talk about discomfort with certain factors. Allowing residents to ask questions about the new routine is a great way to ensure that someone is comfortable in his or her new home.

The Right Facility For The Right Person

At, we know the discomfort and hesitation that is often accompanied by moving. This is why we are available to ask questions before, during, or after a potential move. Find out what options are best for you or your loved one.

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