Tips for Advocating for Your Loved One in a Facility

happy-senior-womenIf you are taking care of a family member or loved one, your caregiver role is always vitally important. It does not matter if you live together, live across the country, or live across town. We want to talk about advocating for your loved one, helping them stand up for themselves and ensuring that they receive the best possible care.

Encourage The Assisted Living Facility Staff To Include Your Loved One

Chances are that your loved one is not particularly keen on certain activities. Because of that, they are probably not going to join in with these activities and could isolate themselves. Ask the staff of your assisted living facility to include your loved one in activities, finding out what activities they especially enjoy. By making sure to include your loved one, you can ensure that they become a regular participant. By encouraging participation, you are making sure that it is not up to your loved one to attend.

Attend Your Loved One’s Care Plan Meetings

There is a facility staff meeting every few months to review how your loved one is faring in the facility. They will discuss any conditions or illnesses that are being treated; whether your loved one needs a higher level of care, any behavioral issues; and whether they are eating well. Despite the fact that the facility might not invite family members to participate in this meeting, it is possible to ask to attend.

Contact The Facility’s Ombudsman If Necessary

An ombudsman serves as the advocate for nursing home residents and residents of assisted living facilities. If you find that your concerns are not being addressed by the staff facility, the ombudsman might be able to help.

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

Oftentimes people feel shy about speaking up for their loved ones, especially when our loved ones first move into assisted living. It is normal that you do not want to be perceived as ‘difficult.’ Speaking up does not mean that you have to complain about everything that you do not like, but it does mean that you should let people know if something is just not right. Make sure that you are doing so in a respectful manner, and you will discover that it is going to go a long way.

If you are caregiving, remember that you should never try to be everything that your loved one needs all by yourself. Chances are that you are better off of it. Just because you are unable to care for someone, remember that you are able to be an advocate for them. This can be just as important as helping them in their daily life.

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