Things I Wish I Had Done Differently As A Caregiver

senior-couple-with-caregiverAs most family caregivers, I did the best that I could with the limited support and information that I had available. However, if I had to do it all over again, there are a number of things that I would have done differently. It is natural to want to do everything perfectly, but chances are that you will make a few mistakes on your first try. These are a few of the things that I wish I would have done differently.

“I Wish I Would Have Gotten More Financial Advice For Medicaid Planning”

Sometimes it is not enough to talk to a legal professional, you need to talk to a financial advisor who knows what expenses are going to come your way now as well as in the distant future. You want to make sure that you get all the financial tips that you can get your hands on. It is ultimately going to save you thousands of dollars.

“I Would Have Reconsidered Home Care”

Even though home care sounds like the ‘right’ thing to do for many of us, it can be exceedingly difficult to care for someone around the clock. This is going to challenge any existing relationship that you have with your loved one – primarily due to the changes in your aging loved one and the stress that it places on you continuously. Even though assisted living might sound harsh when you first mention it, it is ultimately the much better option for both parties.

“I Would Not Have Worried About Pinching Pennies”

When you first start as a caregiver, you are worried about depleting the savings for your loved one. Rather than worrying about depleting savings, I wish I would have paid more attention to actually making sure that my loved one received quality care rather than focusing on cutting costs.

“I Wish I Would Have Trusted The Professionals More”

I would like to believe that I was fairly easy to work with for the care professionals, but I know that at times I wanted to do things myself because I was worried about the level of care that my loved one would have received otherwise. Even though I had the best intentions, I wish I would have known that these care professionals are not only better at caregiving than I am, but also put a great deal of love and attention into their residents.

“I Wish I Would Have Enjoyed The Small Things More”

After a year or two after caregiving, I finally realized that caregiving could be enjoyable. I was so worried about doing everything right that I was unable to enjoy the journey. I wish I would have spent more time enjoying the simple things such as holding each other’s hand, listening to music, or just sitting outside.

Content and quotes attained from a guest post by Donna Strause.

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