The Top Duties Of A Caregiver

senior-woman-on-wheelchair-with-caregiverEven though being a caregiver for a loved one is one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences, it is also unrelenting, demanding, and challenging. These are some of the top duties that a caregiver has, which should provide you with a good understanding of why so many prefer to rely on the professional caregiving service offered by one of the long-term care facilities.

Duty #1 – Assessing medical needs

Perhaps you have a loved one who needs help with pain management or requires prescription medication. Having to provide medical assistance is one of the most challenging aspects of being a caregiver, especially because a simple mistake could have serious consequences.

Duty #2 – Assisting with basic needs

Assisting with basic needs is one of the top duties of a caregiver. This means help with going to the bathroom, grooming, and bathing. As you might imagine, it might be difficult for some family members to accept this level of assistance from direct relatives.

Duty #3 – Preparing meals

Seniors who eat alone often do not have enough variety in their meal or do not opt to make nutritious meals. As people become older, food preparation becomes increasingly difficult and less important to the person. One of the top duties as a caregiver is monitoring nutrition, preparing meals, and grocery shopping.

Duty #4 – Housekeeping

As people become less mobile and active as they get on in years, maintaining a home becomes increasingly difficult. Taking out the garbage, vacuuming, or helping with the dishes is often one of the top duties that can help make a difference.

Duty #5 – Transport

Many seniors feel uncomfortable driving, or are simply unable to do so safely. Getting someone to activities and to doctor’s appointments is a common caregiving duty.

Duty #6 – Companionship

When looking at all the different duties that a caregiver has, it is easy to overlook one of the most important components – providing companionship. Even though it can be extremely rewarding to be there for your loved one when needed, this does take up a great deal of time.

These are just a handful of duties that should be considered essential caregiving tasks. However, that does not mean that they are all encompassing. Given that so much work is required to take care of someone who needs help, you may begin to appreciate the hard work that goes into professional caregiving.

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