Predictions About The Future Of Assisted Living

happy-senior-couple-outside-assisted-livingThe realities of assisted living are changing, in part because of the tremendous changes in our economy. These are a few trends that we believe might shape this industry in the coming years. Because there are changes in how we view healthy aging, in the available technology, and the available medicine, we believe that these changes are almost inevitable.

Prediction #1 – The decline of the nursing home model

We believe that a move towards other senior housing options is going to be inevitable, meaning that the interest is going to move from the traditional nursing home to a more open alternative. These alternatives may be memory care or independent living options. There is an increased understanding that residents need specialized memory care if they live with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Prediction #2 – A rise of technology-enhanced senior care

We believe that the introduction of technology is going to revolutionize senior care as we know it. From wireless networks that are going to offer mobile support for seniors who live in care communities to smart home computer systems that keep track of vital signs and medications, technological changes are inevitable.

Prediction #3 – More lifestyle perks and amenities

The more traditional forms of housing have begun to try to tempt potential residents with a wide range of amenities because of the rising costs with assisted living and continuing care. These may range from cultural and lifestyle-based communities that cater to Asian-American seniors for example or LGBT seniors, to an increased array of recreational options such as educational opportunities, fitness classes, and cultural events.

Prediction #4 – Going green – eco-friendly senior living

Nowadays, eco-friendly increasingly means economical. Seniors should have a chance to be environmentally minded as they get on in years. Building a green infrastructure may have an initial investment associated with it, but eco-friendly buildings, appliances, and lighting are much better for the environment and can save money in the end.

These were just a few predictions for the immediate future. Regardless of what the future brings, you know that you can always rely on to help you find the best possible options in assisted living.

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