Stretching Exercises for Seniors – Staying Fit

seniors-exercisingMost people assume that they need a gym in order to get fit, which is not even remotely true. You are able to get fit from the comfort of your own home, all by doing a few simple exercises. We will go through a few of these different exercises. Remember to take it slow and warm your body up before you get started, and this exercise program is going to help you do that from start to finish. The best thing about it? You can do it all from the comfort of your chair!

Start By Rolling Your Neck

Make sure that you loosen up, your entire upper body. Turn your neck from side to side, especially if you have shoulder pain or neck problems, this is going to loosen up your neck and shoulders. Go forward and back, side to side in a controlled manner.

Shrug Your Shoulders

You want to make sure that you slowly shrug your shoulders, getting loose and moving your body. This is going to help you with your shoulders.

Lift Your Arms

As you are seated, move your arms up as much as possible and back down. You want controlled movements here, not swinging wildly. Bring your arms up and then back down. Then shake your shoulders and get loose!

Turn In Circles

Move your hips, moving yourself around. This is going to help your body get loose. Turn in nice, big circles and go as far as you can. After turning in circles, move forward and back.

Stretch Your Ankles

When we say full body, we do mean FULL BODY! Raise your legs upwards as much as you can and roll your ankles slightly by circling them. This is going to help your ankles stay loose and should help them feel much better.

Walk In Place

You can do a walking motion while still being seated. This is going to make your legs work their range of motion. By ‘marching’ in place, you are able to walk further in the future. Move your arms and loosen your legs to stay loose!

Protect Those Knees

By lifting one leg as many times as you can a few times in a row, you are working your quadriceps muscle in your leg. This is not only important for overall stability, but it is going to help you protect your knees. This is vitally important later in life.

You do not have to bench press or run sprints in order to get fit, if you follow a few of the above suggestions or look online for more information, you should be able to keep your body in good shape while not having to worry about injuries.

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