Staying Fit Through Retirement

fit-senior-lady-at-gymThere is nothing quite like ageing gracefully. With a healthy lifestyle and plenty of exercise, it is possible to remain fit and independent well into our retirement. Retirement should give us the opportunity to do things that we always wanted – not hamper us in physical ways.

Remember that retirement does not mean that you should just stop exercising. It does mean that you should find something that works for you, and something that you enjoy doing. It is important to keep both your mental and physical wellbeing sharp, and remaining fit can help keep you mentally alert, physically fit, and help ward off depression.

Fit Tip #1 – Become More Active

If you are going to start a new exercise program, should do so in a medically supervised environment where you know you will be safe. That will help prevent injury and other frustrating problems. You want to work with people who know how to monitor your progress, and people whom you can trust. This is going to help you remain confident and active. There are programs for older patients that should help you remain energetic, confident, and independent.

Fit Tip #2 – Gardening

It might not sound like much at first, but you can burn off a few calories, enjoy the sunshine, and get outside when you garden. You might be able to reap a bounty from the garden this season and discover your long-lost green thumb. Especially if you consider that organic fruits and vegetables are expensive, why not produce them yourself? This can be an extremely fulfilling way of spending your time in retirement.

Fit Tip #3 – Switch It Up

While anaerobic activities are strength-based (and help keep your muscles in shape); aerobic exercises are centered on endurance activities. These are both important to do, so it is important that you have variety when it comes to your exercise program. By switching up what you are doing, you are targeting both aspects of physical fitness. This means that you have a far better chance of staying healthy and reaping the benefits.

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