Springtime Activities for Seniors

senior-couple-at-campsiteRetired seniors often enjoy the springtime after having been stuck indoors all winter long. The warm sun, the fresh air: It revives the mind, body, and spirit. Spending quality time in nature can help seniors escape the monotony that sometimes accompanies everyday life. It gives them an opportunity to be in the world, to socialize, and to take in the beauty of nature all around them. These are just a few springtime activities for seniors that we recommend.

Go Out Into Nature

Select a nature trail or local park where seniors can enjoy relaxing walks out in nature. There are local parks, nature trails, landmarks, and more, many of which allow for wheelchair access as well. A bit of research can reveal some exceptional places where seniors can go to get out in nature.

Do The Touristy Thing

Tourist attractions are all the rage: Seniors can enjoy tourist hot spots, sporting events, historical destinations, and other landmarks in the local area. Getting seniors out of the house will do wonders when it comes to social isolation. Allow your loved one to make decisions about where to go and allow him or her to choose the destination where you go out to eat.

Go Picnicking

Picnicking on a nice day is a great way to share conversation, food, and fun with the elderly. There are parks and other areas outdoors where you can use picnic tables and the like to enjoy your food. Make sure you bring some games, playing cards, books, and binoculars so you can get in on a little bird watching too.

Time To Go To The Theatre

Seniors can enjoy an evening out by checking out a local show. It is fun to get all dressed up to go out for an evening on the town with a dinner and a show. It will expose seniors to some culture too and give him or her time to socialize.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

There’s something about getting rid of clutter, throwing open the windows, letting in the fresh air, clearing out the dust, washing windows, and getting a fresh clean scent running through your house that will revive you and make you feel alive!

Take A Trip To The Local Farmer’s Market

The market is home to local arts, crafts, veggies, fruits and the like. It’s often held out in the fresh open air, and allows for the senior to enjoy the outdoors while taking in a mix of activities in the market.

When living in an assisted living facility such as those found at www.carltonseniorliving.com, there are often springtime activities for seniors to partake in with a larger group. This means that the seniors are able to travel in groups rather than having to do everything alone or wait for their family member to take them somewhere

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