Seniors – The Secret to Stronger Bones

seniors-take-care-about-healthThere are several studies that show that seniors who exercise regularly can improve their bone strength and reduce their risk of falling. A combination of good nutrition, balance exercises, and weight training can help seniors develop stronger bones.

Even though falls are preventable, they are a leading cause of injury in seniors. This can lead to head trauma, severe hip fractures, and may even lead to death. Complicating matters is the fact that those seniors who fall once become increasingly more fearful of falling. This worsens the overall problem, because it causes them to limit their activity level.

How Bones Change With Age

Because our bones lose minerals and calcium, bone density decreases with age. Bone spurs can develop on the vertebrae and the spine can become curved. Some seniors may even lose height, because the spine and trunk shorten. Overall, bones may break more easily and become far more brittle. This influences a senior’s flexibility, balance, and strength.

How To Improve Bone Strength Through Exercise

It is possible to reduce bone loss through weight-bearing exercise. Seniors can improve stamina and muscle tone (provided they follow a regular exercise program). It is also possible to react far quicker in case of a fall if a senior exercises regularly. And if these seniors do not catch themselves in time, they are better equipped to handle the impact.

As seniors get older, the sense of touch, vision, and bone density may all begin to deteriorate. This means that as seniors get older, balance training becomes essential. According to the figures from the CDC, those seniors who do balance and strength exercises regularly are 40 percent less likely to suffer a fall.

How Good Nutrition Helps

In order to promote good bone strength, it is also essential that seniors get their daily doses of vitamins and minerals. Some of the essential components include vitamin K, calcium, and vitamin D. Some good sources of vitamin D and calcium include daily products such as milk and cheese. For vitamin K, look no further than green, leafy vegetables. These help in regulating bone formation and calcium uptake.

Improve The Quality Of Life Through Exercise

It is possible to prevent injury by getting the right kind of exercise. Not only that, but it offers a chance to socialize, leads to fewer illnesses, and can promote healthier habits. Exercise can make all the difference for seniors. That is why it is a good idea to find residential living facilities such as the ones found at where there is an institutional push towards healthier living.

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