Seniors And Their Lacking Dental Care

dental-hygiene-and-preventionWith all the conversations about affordable health care, why is it that dental care is so often left out of the conversation? Worse yet, seniors rarely ever are mentioned. Unfortunately, the vast majority of older Americans do not have dental care. As people get older, they are far more likely to need dental care for a number of different reasons.

Did You Know?

  • Our mouths change as we get older
  • It is NOT an eventuality of aging that we have to lose our teeth
  • You may suffer life-threatening diseases because of poor oral health
  • The nerves in our teeth can become smaller, which means that our teeth become less sensitive to problems.

Important To Know

It is important that we realize that poor oral hygiene is not a problem that is limited to our mouth. In fact, poor oral health may lead to any number of different issues. One of the most important factors that people forget about is the fact that poor oral health can lead to problems with eating. This might turn into problems with inadequate nutrition. This is because poor oral health might negatively impact your ability to chew food, thus making it difficult to digest food properly.

The Dangers Of Poor Oral Health

Specialists often refer to the mouth as the gateway to the body. If we do not clean our teeth regularly, it could lead to the buildup of bacteria in the mouth. This means that both our teeth and gums are more susceptible to decay. This could have even more serious effects than just bad teeth though.

There are many cited sources that link pneumonia to poor oral health, especially in older adults. According to a study from the Journal of the American Dental Association, good oral hygiene may prevent the death in upwards of one-in-every-10 elderly residents living in nursing homes.

It should be obvious that good oral health is more than just an aesthetic factor. Good dental care is equally important for people of all ages. Just because we end up retiring, does not mean that the need for good dental care does as well.

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