Self-Assessment Questions to Evaluate Preparedness For Caregiving

happy-senior-couple-using-laptop-on-sofaIf you are considering becoming a caregiver for a loved one, chances are that you will have to ask yourself a number of difficult questions. In fact, you may have so many questions running through your mind that it becomes almost impossible to

Becoming the caregiver of a parent does not just affect the parent, it affects you, affects the parent-child relationship, and it affects the caregiver’s relationship with others such as their sibling(s) and spouse/partner. Reviewing the questions below will help in making you better prepared for potential changes.

  • Do I have the ability to care for my parent on my own? Should I consider hiring additional help from an outside source or should I give some thought to an assisted living facility as an option?
  • Do I have access to all the resources necessary to care for my elderly parent? Do I have social support in the task that lies ahead?
  • What kind of impact will taking care of my parent have on my mental health, physical well-being, and the well-being of my spouse/partner?
  • Will I be able to handle the task as the caregiver without the shadow of guilt arising when I feel I need a break from the task? Can I accept the help offered from others gracefully?
  • Do I have the funds to care for an elderly parent?
  • Do I have the time to care for an elderly parent?
  • Can I get out of work if I have to tend to the needs of my parent? How will I help in providing for the family if I do so?
  • If my parent demonstrates strange behavioral changes, will I be able to handle it, both in the moment and emotionally?

As you can see, there is a reason that many family members opt for an assisted living facility such as those found at Not only do these provide you with peace of mind, they also allow you to live your own life as well.

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