Perks Of Aging You Never Thought About

group-of-seniors-retirement-meet-upMany people are afraid (terrified even) of growing old. We often forget about the positives that growing old has. There are some awesome perks to being a senior. As you continue to age, these are a few perks that you have to look forward to!

Perk #1 – Less Stress

People over the age of 50 were overall happier, experienced less stress, and are less angry according to a survey to Stony Brook University published in 2010. Because seniors no longer have to clock in for a 40+ hour workweek and can spend their time doing what they want, it tends to benefit their overall happiness.

Perk #2 – The Benefit Of Senior Discounts

Rather than looking at how old you are becoming, you should feel happy about the fact that you are getting senior discounts! People of a certain age get deals at a number of different establishments. It never hurts to ask if a senior discount might be available, you might receive them at restaurants, big box stores, or when making travel arrangements.

Perk #3 – You Set Your Own Schedule

People who are younger have to worry about arriving to work on time, getting their kids to school, showing up to parent-teacher events, or attend conference calls and meetings. Typically, seniors do not have to worry about these same strict rules. They are able to sleep in because they do not have to wake up at a specific time. Just imagine scheduling your day the way that you would like, and now tell us that this is not a great thing to look forward to.

Perk #4 – Better Self-Awareness 

Oftentimes our younger years are there for us to explore what we want in our life – who we are. However, the reality is that it takes a long time to realize who we are and what we want. Seniors have the added benefit of ‘living and learning.’ They no longer need to figure themselves out, so they are able to spend time enjoying what they want and having fun.

Especially those living in independent or assisted living communities have the added benefit of being surrounded by people with similar mindsets. This makes it far easier to find someone that you have something in common with. If you want to know about the different available options, we highly recommend that you check out Here you are going to find courteous care professionals who care about making a difference in someone’s life.

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