Overlooked Heart Attack Symptoms

happy-senior-manThe number one killer in men and women throughout the country is heart attack – these claim more than 800,000 Americans annually. According to the American Heart Association, around 325,000 people die before they reach the ER or hospital.

This might be the perfect introduction to teach you a bit more about the often-overlooked symptoms of a heart attack. Most people know the typical symptoms such as shortness of breath, pain in the arms or back, or chest discomfort. However, not everyone experiences chest pains when they have a heart attack. This is exactly why heart attacks are called ‘silent killers’. These are some of the overlooked signs of a heart attack.


Especially in women, migraine headaches can be a warning sign of a heart attack. This is especially true in those women who have an aura migraine. This means that you have a migraine that is accompanied by sensory symptoms such as tingling in your hand or face, blind spots, or flashes of light.

Pain And Discomfort In The Jaw, Neck, Or Stomach

Caregivers should start getting concerned about these pains if they are not related to any physical injury and the symptoms do not add up. Oftentimes this is “referred pain,” pain with no good explanation that travels from the jaw to the arm(s). There is often a lack of energy and generalized weakness.


Despite the fact that indigestion might be an everyday occurrence for some people, it might indicate that a heart attack is coming (again, especially for women). Oftentimes this unpredictable symptom is combined with excessive sweating, anxiety, or jaw, chest or back pain.

Generalized Weakness And Fatigue

If you notice that you are weaker than you have been before, it might be the right time to give the doctor a call. One of the largest warning signs for a physician is when someone utters the words “It just doesn’t feel right.” It often means that you have feelings of generalized weakness, accompanied by other symptoms such as shortness of breath. It is not important not to ignore these symptoms.

Being Safe

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