Must Know Senior Citizen Discounts

senior-discountsThere are many different discounts available if you are a senior citizen over the age of 50. It is time to enjoy the benefits after you have paid your dues. Keep in mind that promotions, discounts, and rates are constantly changing, so if you see anything here that you find interesting, make sure that you call ahead first to ensure that it is still available. Because of age sensitivity, many employees will not verbally offer you senior citizen specials, nor will they automatically apply discounts (you will have to ask for it specifically).

Discount Option #1 – Restaurants

While the senior specials at Denny’s and IHOP are famous, there are more than fifty (50!) franchises that are able to offer a discount for seniors. Make sure that you discuss your senior citizen discount opportunities before you arrive by calling ahead. It is not just the national chains that are going to offer you quite a discount though. The local restaurants are able to offer you some good deals as well. Make sure to ask and find out what is possible.

Discount Option #2 – Travel

Traveling can be quite expensive, between your hotel stay, car rental, and flight. Even though a 10 percent discount does not seem like much, it certainly adds up when you consider all different expenses. There are many different airlines that offer you a discount as a senior citizen. You might need to call before booking to claim your discount with many of the participating airlines. In fact, with some it is a requirement.

Especially if you are an AARP member or 62+, you might be able to save some good money on car rentals and a hotel. Remember that many of these discounts are not immediately advertised, meaning that you should always ask for it.

Discount Option #3 – Second Hand Stores

Many local and chain thrift stores are going to offer discount days for seniors at least a single day out of the week. Make sure to call your local thrift store and ask what discounts might be available. Some thrift stores offer great discounts on selected merchandise.

Many Other Businesses

There are many other businesses that offer some great rates for seniors, including museums, motels, hotels, educational classes, gyms, cruise lines, hair salons, movie theaters, and many more. The deals are available, so you would be crazy not to take advantage of them. Make sure that you are able to take advantage of some of the benefits that you have been paying for your entire life.

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