The Move From Living Alone To Living In A Senior Community

happy-seniors-in-living-roomOnce you have accepted that a move is inevitable and found a senior community that is right for you and your loved one, it is now important that you plan the move. Communicating the news to someone who struggles with dementia is something that most family members are unsure how to do at this stage.

Some decide to lie and suggest that the move is only temporary; others find that there is no point in having discussions because of the dementia. As with any other aspect of caring for people with dementia, it is recommended that you utilize a case-by-case approach – no two people are the same.

As far as possible, our advice would be to be honest and communicate the information about a move in a non-threatening, supportive, and positive way. We have found that being honest often leads to family members feeling less guilty about the decision. There are additional pointers that we want to offer to help make this move easier.

Tip #1 – Easing the transition

If it is possible, a gradual introduction to a new facility is always going to be better than a sudden change. This way, by the time the permanent change occurs, they will feel more comfortable in their surroundings. If available, using the respite services before the permanent move is finalized is a great idea.

Tip #2 – Feel at home

It is important to make the area surrounding the facility and the room itself as homely as possible. Any mementoes of sentimental value, their favorite mug, or even their bedroom slippers, anything that can help create a feeling of being “home”

Tip #3 – Small pieces of furniture

Another great suggestion would be to take small items of furniture (think a small arm chair for example) or bed clothes such as a duvet. You will need to discuss this with the staff of the facility, but it is a great idea to make the new surroundings feel more like home.

We can help

We understand that moving is something that is going to be incredibly difficult. If you want advice or want to orientate yourself about what is possible, we highly recommend that you visit and find out more information about a possible move and how to better prepare yourself for that moment.

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