Medication Management 101

medicationsAccording to figures from the American Association of Poison Centers, a large percentage of adults over the age of 40 have to go to poison centers across the country every year for problems with medication. This should make it evident that families should come together and talk about medication management, especially if you already know that your aging loved one is struggling with following a doctor’s instructions. These are a few of the different ways that you can make sure that your aging loved one is able to manage their medication.

Management Tip #1 – Understand The Medication

If you are a caregiver for your loved one, it is important that you know the medicine by dosage, marking, name, and color. Make sure that you understand the label and understand the time the pills should be taken and the exact dose. You might also be able to read some foods, conditions, or activities that you should avoid after taking the medication.

It is important to understand what you should do if our loved one misses a dosage and what you should do if they are taking two dosages at once. It is also important to understand the side effects of the medication to ensure that the medication is not doing more harm than good.

Management Tip #2 – Invest In A Pill Box

Purchasing a pillbox is one of the best options if you are trying to manage medication. You can even buy electronic pill dispensers that tell our loved one when to take a specific dose. This is going to help in managing medication, especially if it means that seniors do not have to worry about their own medication any further.

Management Tip #3 – Clearing Out The Medicine Cabinet

It is a good idea to clear out the medicine cabinet if you have not already done so. Oftentimes we find that medication is lost in some forgotten drawer or hidden behind the mirror. If you have medication without clear labels or have medication that is already expired, you should always throw it out.

Transitioning Somewhere Safe

On average, most seniors take around five prescription medications daily. It can be confusing to have to remember every dosage and every frequency. This is why so many people transition to an assisted living facility. This is where experienced caregivers are able to offer 24/7 support and help manage medication intake. Find some of the best available options at

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