Maricela Campos – Best of the BEST

Maricella and ElviNominee: Maricela Campos

Community: Pleasant Hill

Department: Personal Care

Position: MedTech/PC Combo

Reason for Maricela’s Nomination:

Maricela has been with CSL Pleasant Hill since March 2003 starting as a Caregiver and cross training to become one of the best Medication Technicians we have. She has a calmness and patience that readily puts our residents at ease. Maricela is reliable and detail oriented which is so necessary in medication management.

* Extraordinary Associate….period! Provides the best service to our residents and families with a smile (manager)

* She is very dependable, very knowledgeable, a kind and helpful person to others and especially to our residents. She has worked for this company for years. I call that loyalty. Always happy to see her, every time. (coworker)

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