What Makes Memory Care So Unique?

senior-couple-with-laptopDespite the fact that it is more expensive than the traditional assisted living options, memory care is becoming a fast growing option for seniors. This is because it is a specialized treatment option that caters to those struggling with dementia. You often find:

  • Design features and color-coded hallways to help with easy navigation;
  • Sensory-based programming;
  • A low staff-to-resident ratio;
  • A secure environment where residents can walk.

In order to match the demands of an aging population, many of the better living facilities are offering these memory care options. A few of the different resident quality-of-life factors that notice improvement include:

  • Increased happiness as residents (residents function at a higher level);
  • Increased independence and social interaction;
  • Increased nutrition;
  • Fewer incidents that involve violent behaviors;
  • Decreased falls and injuries;
  • Reduction in negative medication side effects;
  • Reduction in overall medication use.

An Evolving Process

It is important to note that memory care is not just about the patients, but also about the affected families. People who suffer from various memory care impairments need assistance, but their families also require peace of mind and understanding. This is about finding a life for those living with dementia that does not revolve around what they are unable to do – but rather about what opportunities they have.

By working with professionals who understand the challenges that come with dementia care, it means that loved ones and family alike receive better information and treatment. You can easily look at the difference that memory care makes for patients who suffer from dementia-related issues.

Finding The Right Option

Any family can find it exceedingly difficult to deal with dementia. That is why it is always good to know that your loved one is in the capable hands of someone who understands dementia sufferers. Good treatment focuses on the person’s remaining capabilities, rather than focusing on the losses associated with dementia. If you want to find a knowledgeable, capable memory care option, we recommend checking www.carltonseniorliving.com.

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