Luxury Assisted Living Amenities

happy-senior-woman-with-cup-of-teaThe concept of traditional living facilities has changed dramatically in the last few years. The senior living industry is putting its focus on luxury living options for those who want a personalized setting that offers more than the standard option. We want to highlight a few of the different amenities that you might be able to expect.

Full Kitchens – Gourmet Options

One of the primary selling points for these upscale options is that residents are able to enjoy great food options. There are many different options, some of which are even approved by registered dieticians. Having different options every day not only increases the likelihood that people are going to eat something that they are in the mood for, but working with a professional kitchen staff also means that food is not a problem for many of these residents. Especially because malnutrition is often an issue with seniors, it is good to know for families that their loved one receives good meals.

Spacious Options

When compared to the traditional options, the luxury assisted living facilities offer more square footage. This might not be important to everyone (especially those living alone) but it is nice to have more space if you need it.

Modern Therapy Options

It is important to note that assisted living facilities offer personal care to their residents by definition. However, these luxury facilities offer an even higher standard of care. This often means music therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and pet therapy. These are just a few of the different options.

Brain Training

There are studies that suggest that engaging in problem solving and challenging your mind is going to keep our mind and memory strong as we get older. Many of these upscale facilities offer enjoyable brain training options that residents are able to enjoy.

Activities, Education And Entertainment

Even though these options are offered by almost all of the different assisted living communities, the luxury options often have a higher budget. This means more activities, and perhaps more enjoyable activities as well. By offering more options, residents are able to plan their day around the activities offered by the facility.

Learn More About The Options

If you want to learn more about the different luxury options that a facility might have, we recommend that you check out Here you are able to find all the different options with courteous professionals who aim to make each resident feel as though they are family.

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