Improving Assisted Living Violations Part 2

senior-man-and-caregiverContinuing our discussion about possible living violations, we have the third, fourth, and fifth issue that you should be aware of if you have a loved one living in an assisted living facility.

Issue #3 – Hazardous materials and medications are not adequately stored all the time.

Current status: Every state has laws in place regarding how hazardous materials and medications must be handled and stored. Following such regulations is just plain good sense as it ensures the safety of the seniors, visitors, and the staff. Each year, a 10 percent improvement is recognized in this common area of senior living facility deficiency.

Issue #4 – In some cases, a facility attempts to offer care that is beyond the facilities means or capabilities to provide.

Current status: As a senior ages, their needs will evolve and change over the course of time. A perfectly excellent candidate for living in a senior assisted living facility may, in a few years, no longer be an ideal candidate to remain in a facility. In some cases, the senior can develop a condition that makes it impossible for the existing facility to provide the care the elderly requires.

For example, if a person lives in a facility were being mobile is a requirement and the individual was at one time fully mobile and suddenly becomes immobile, if the facility continues to provide care beyond the scope of which it is capable, the facility can be cited for being out of compliance. From 2013 to 2014, this issue improved as much as 25 percent across the nation.

Issue #5 – Poorly recording resident status and condition.

Current status: As mentioned earlier, the elderly can and do change, such changes need to be monitored and recorded. To keep adequate records is to ensure the senior gets the greatest care possible. From 2013 to 2014, this area of common deficiency has improved a full 8 percent as facilities are tracking their patient’s well-being with greater care than ever before.

While improvements are made across the board, this does not mean that every assisted living facility is making steps to improve. That is why at, you will only find facilities that have been thoroughly checked and offer nothing but the best service.

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