The Importance of Foot Care For Seniors

senior-foot-careMost seniors are not flexible or mobile enough to manage their own foot care. Of course, that doesn’t mean this is something that you should forgo altogether. If you want to learn more about the importance of senior foot care, we will offer you a few insights.

Why Is Foot Care Important?

Even though people understand that foot care can make your feet look nice and presentable, few people know that looking at one’s feet can provide insight to their overall health. You might have larger problems when you notice changes in shape, chipping, or discoloration of the toenails. One group that is especially at risk of foot problems is seniors who have diabetes.

Diabetes might lead to damage in the nerve endings of the feet. This is going to make it more difficult for a senior to determine whether their feet are hot or cold. It might also lead to injuries because of a loss of feeling. When it comes to managing their overall health, checking out your feet is an important factor.

What To Do?

If you want to take care of your own feet, it is important to stay hydrated. This is going to avoid the itchiness and dryness commonly associated with constantly wearing socks and shoes and colder winter weather. Before bed, it is a good idea to apply lotion to your feet.

If you have corns or calluses, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist who might be able to resolve these issues. Managing these issues is important, because they can make walking an unpleasant experience and rather painful.

What If I Can’t Take Care Of My Own Feet?

Chances are that you might not be able to address your own foot care as you get on in age. This is one of the benefits of living in an assisted living facility like Carlton Senior Living, because there are often podiatrists or personal hygiene helpers who stop by regularly. These trained professionals are going to ensure that seniors receive the type of care that they actually need.

They might be able to provide foot-related care, including buffing calluses, filing sharp edges, or cutting nails. They might also be able to talk about nerve issues or foot pain that seniors are having. If you notice that you have poor blood flow in your extremities (or are concerned about this), it is imperative that you discuss the issue with someone. If you want to find a great option where you are surrounded by caring professionals, we highly recommend the options available through Carlton Senior Living.

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