How To Help Seniors Downsize Before A Move

senior-couple-movingPersonal possessions – they certainly can add up over a lifetime. Especially when seniors are moving into a retirement community and leaving the home that they have lived in for years (or even decades), chances are they have accumulated a ton of stuff. This often leads to people feeling overwhelmed when it comes to moving. These are some tips that are going to help you downsize before a potential move.

Tip #1 – Sell Your Stuff

If you want to pad your pocketbook and downsize at the same time, selling your belongings can be a great way to do so. Some of the most popular options include estate sales, garage sales, and selling your belongings to consignment shops. The consignment shops are especially good for selling decorative items, household furnishings, and old clothing. Alternatively, you could try to sell your items online with a few of the more established names (Amazon, eBay etc.)

Tip #2 – Donate Your Stuff

Donating your belongings can help you downsize your stuff and help you get a tax deduction at the same time (provided you itemize your tax returns). The two big charitable organizations that are going to come to your home and pick up your household items include the Salvation Army and Goodwill. You need to create an itemized list of the items you donated and get a receipt for every batch of items you donate.

Tip #3 – Trash It

Say you have a ton of junk, junk that you want to get rid of. Perhaps you can arrange bulk curbside pickup services by contacting your municipal trash service. For a moderate fee, you might be able to get a company to take care of your trash as well. If you look around online, you will be able to find some great options that do not cost a great deal of money.

Tip #4 – Enlist Help

You might be able to have a senior move manager resolve the job for you. These are organizers that can go through your belongings and arrange for the disposal of said stuff through consignment, donations, or an estate sale. You might also want to contact the National Association of Professional Organizers if you want to let the professionals take care of it.

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