Denee Naro – Best of the BEST

Denee and YeseniaNominee: Denee Naro

Community: Pleasant Hill

Department: Personal Expressions

Position: PE Assistant

Reason for Denee’s Nomination:

Denee has been with CSL Pleasant Hill since March 2015. She quickly became a favorite in the PE Dept with her enthusiasm for our residents and their participation in PE activities. Denee is creative and engaged and has brought a new level of participation from our residents, always encouraging and observant for what they want and/or need. It’s obvious she truly loves what she does.

* She has made our activities much more fun. She rounds up the residents who are not always aware of the time. (Resident)

* Denee interacts with the residents in a very personal way. She has drawn out my mother-in-law and engaged her in many activities where she (mil) did not participate before. She always greets with a big smile. (family member)

* She is very caring and goes out of her way to create new activities and involve as many residents as possible. (Resident)

* Thoughtful! Helpful and caring! Does a great job! (Resident)

Perfect example of going over and beyond. Super caring and devoted to our residents. All I can say is Awesome! (manager)

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