Common Regrets For Those Who Pass

carpe-diemLife without regrets – it sounds almost impossible. However, when the end of our life does come (and it comes for all of us) we have seen a number of people who have a wide range of regrets. In order to offer ourselves (and others) a better perspective on life, we want to share a list of the most common regrets that seniors have mentioned as they are about to pass.

“I Wish I Hadn’t Worried So Much About What People Think Of Me”

It might be exceedingly difficult for many of us to break this habit, but we often concern ourselves with what others think of us – despite the fact that their approval really does nothing for us in the end. It is a conscious choice to be yourself and not worry about being judged by others. Even though we all have our insecurities, it is important that we be confident in the unique individual that we are.

“I Wish I Could Have Been A Better…”

This might be a better daughter, son, father, mother, husband, or wife – over and over again people regret that they were not kinder to family members and loved ones while they still had a chance. Even if it is long overdue, life is too short not to ask for forgiveness for our mistakes and right our wrongs.

“I Wish I Had Spent More Time On My Friends”

Life often moves fast, meaning that we are busy with the daily grind of living. This makes it exceedingly easy to neglect our friendships. However, these friendships need to be nurtured, because too many seniors find themselves socially isolated as things begin to slow down in their life. One of the heartbreaking regrets of the dying is not being surrounded by loved ones.

“I Wish I Had Not Been Afraid To Pursue My Dreams And Aspirations”

The practical thing makes sense – it is practical to do what we SHOULD do. However, chasing your dreams is always worth it, regardless of whether you succeed or not. Imagine wondering what could have been when you know that your chapter is coming to a close. This has to be one of the most common regrets that we see.

Living Life To The Fullest

We haves seen countless regrets over and over again. This is why it is important that seniors have time for themselves, have a chance to be social, and maintain a level of independence. This is one of the reasons that so many prefer the living options found at, because it offers all those opportunities at once.

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