Common Nutrition Tips for Seniors And The Reasons Behind Them

senior-nutritionChances are that you have heard a number of different nutrition tips that we will discuss below; but you might not know why this advice is so prevalent. There is often a misunderstanding or gap in how we think about these common nutrition tips. Because seniors are rarely given the reason behind these nutrition tips, we wanted to make sure that we take a moment and explain a number of them.

Tip #1 – Eat More Protein

Many of us have heard this recommendation before, but why are doctors telling us to take in more protein? Without enough protein, our body has a hard time maintaining its muscles and immune system. This makes movement challenging, can lead to broken bones, pressure sores, and an increased risk of infections for seniors.

Protein deficiency in seniors is a rising concern and may lead to a number of other issues, including decreased appetite, fatigue, easy bruising, dental issues, and problems with wound healing. Enough protein might even make weight loss easier.

Tip #2 – Increase Your Hydration

You are at risk of dehydration the moment you consume fewer fluids than your body needs. Because of decreased feelings of thirst, dehydration is common in seniors. Add in the fact that seniors have an overall decrease in food and beverage intake, and you might begin to understand why this is a common issue amongst seniors.

Dehydration can lead to issues with abnormal blood chemistry, dangerous changes to blood pressure, constipation, dry mouth, eyes and skin, headache, muscle cramping, hot or cold sensations, fatigue, and confusion.

Finding Your Best Option

It should be obvious that there are reasons behind these two standard recommendations. By understanding them a bit more, it might make them seem a bit more relatable. If you do not want to worry about possible food or hydration problems, it might be beneficial to opt for an assisted living facility such as those found at Here you know that your loved one is carefully observed to ensure that they take in enough food and take in the nutrients that are right for them.

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