Changes To Medicaid That Might Surprise You

seniors-networkingMedicaid is constantly updating and reviewing its policies, but oftentimes beneficiaries find that changes only make things harder for them. Oftentimes an update simply means that there are more hoops to jump through. These are a few changes to be aware of.

Expansion Of The Home and Community-Based Services Plan

Before, the HCBS (the Home and Community-Based Services plan) was only available through waiver programs. This means that people who qualify for Medicaid will now be offered community-based services that are much more comfortable than the traditional concept of the nursing home.

More funding for Community-based Long-Term Services and Support (LTSS)

LTTS care means that residents are able to enjoy interaction with other individuals in their situation and can expect a higher quality of life. Rather than focusing on institutional care, this is a shift to community-based services. This change is going to help aging individuals, especially those who want more of a community setting instead of the often maligned institutional setting. In short, it will ensure that people are able to live the life that they want.

Case Management and Care Coordination Benefits

It may feel overwhelming to look at the demands placed on someone who is treating a loved one with a chronic condition. For many aging people, it is overwhelming to have to take care of themselves. They cannot remember all the tests that they have undergone and they cannot remember all of the medications that they take. Case management and care coordination ensures that everyone who is treating a patient is on the same level. This means that patients are receiving the same quality care for their conditions.

Community First Choice (CFC) Plan

This state plan would provide enhanced federal funding that could go to help people who would otherwise need institutional care. This can help the provider to save money in the process while positively affecting the quality of life for longer periods.

At we understand that these changes can sometimes seem overwhelming. You might not be aware of what is available and what is not. This is why we have professional staff members who are able to help you with all the different aspects of caregiving.

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