Leading Causes That Lead to Emergency Room Visits In Seniors

senior-couple-in-hospital-roomSenior citizens ending up in the emergency room might not be breaking news – but what is causing seniors to end up in the emergency room? The answers might surprise you, because there are many other (critical) reasons that seniors end up in the hospital. We have decided to write down a number of the leading causes that you should take into consideration if you are often dealing with/providing care for a senior citizen.

Chest Pain

Chest pain may be one of the symptoms of heart disease, but it might also be attributed to gastrointestinal issues, respiratory infections, blood clots, injuries, or heart attacks. This is why it is essential that you have someone near your loved one who is able to identify the different types of health issue.

Heart Disease

Seniors in emergency room visits report shortness of breath and chest pain as two of the most common symptoms – both of which are potential indicators of heart disease. Heart disease is especially important to identify because it remains the leading cause of death throughout the country.

Abdominal Pain

Infection, kidney stones, food poisoning, and digestive disease may result in nausea or abdominal pain. Kidney stones may be because of medical conditions, dehydration, and malnutrition. It is especially important that abdominal pain be identified as a potentially serious issue, rather than just dismissing it as ‘a sore tummy’.


This remains the most common upper respiratory infection that brings seniors to the emergency room. Older adults may find that the signs of pneumonia are milder, but it may include confusion or delirium, coughing, and shortness of breath.


As the third leading cause of death in the U.S, it should come as no surprise that stroke is one of the primary reasons that seniors end up in the emergency room. It is possible for a vigilant caregiver to prevent long-term damage associated with stroke, if they ensure that the patient is treated quickly enough. This is why most caregivers should be aware of the distinct pattern of symptoms associated with a stroke.

Adverse Effects and Complications of Medical Treatment

When it comes to emergency room visits in the elderly, adverse drug reactions are a shockingly common issue. Often this is because of inappropriate self-medication, interactions with other drugs, or unexpected side effects.

Injuries Or Accidents

Exhaustion, traffic accidents, falls, injuries – all of these are acute issues that many seniors end up going to the emergency room for. Just another reason it is important to identify when someone is no longer able to live alone safely.

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