Carlton University: Our Commitment to Excellence

This month marked an advancement in our new hire training at Carlton University. We hosted our very first hands on, live community Orientation Training facilitated by our Carlton University Instructor, Kasie Wimmer. The trainings were held in the Sacramento community with employees from Sacramento, Davis, and Elk Grove. Kasie taught our new hires how to:

  • Put on gloves, gowns, etc. for illness prevention
  • Perform a double carry technique for evacuations
  • Appropriately approach a resident with dementia
  • Perform activities of daily living with a resident
  • Gain perspective in “Sensitivity Training”
Before this training, our new hires learned about all of these subjects while sitting on a computer by themselves, for hours at a time, prior to their on floor training and mentorship. We are very excited with how well this new training is educating our employees, allowing for bonding and engagement, and most of all.. they’re having fun! Great job, Kasie, for creating this training and taking it beyond what we first believed it could be!
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