Best Spring Break Destinations For Seniors

senior-couple-on-vacationFor those who have planned for retirement, it is common to have the desire to relax, unwind, and vacation at destinations one has always dreamed about visiting. Now, when retired, it is the best time to explore some of the cities that you might not have the time to explore when working. With free time on your hands, it is time to have some fun and explore! Below is a brief list of some of the most popular travel destinations for seniors you can consider visiting:

Niagara Falls

You should visit this destination if you want to see nature at its most awe-inspiring. The breathtaking Falls makes for an unforgettable experience. Three falls stretch the border between New York and Canada. Since this is a tourist hotspot, there are plenty of places to shop, dine, and stay. You have the option of staying in a hotel while remaining in the United States or you can cross the border and stay in Canada if you so choose.

London, England

The city of London is a wonderful place for seniors to visit. This city has guided bus tours that are perfect for senior groups. The tours will allow the group to check out all the major hot spots in the city including sites like Salisbury Cathedral, Bath, and Stonehenge. If you cannot really get around too well by yourself and you love sightseeing, a visit to London will do the trick. Whatever you do, do not forget to take in a full view of the London Eye!


Who has not dreamt about the sand covered beach of Hawaii? A hot vacation spot also makes for a wonderful senior destination during retirement. The tropical atmosphere, the beauty of the island, and the friendly people of Hawaii are amazingly inviting. Of course, you will want to plan every minute of your trip. There is so much to do when you are in Hawaii, from playing golf to reading a book while you relax beachside.

River Cruise Through Europe

A European River Cruise is a wonderful option for retired seniors. This is an ideal vacation getaway for the history buff looking to experience historical sites like Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, and the Danube River. This type of vacation is also ideal for retired couples looking for a bit of romance.

Branson, Missouri

If you find you have a real penchant for things like theater or being out on the greens, than this is the place for you. Branson is a great place for both activities, there are some 50 theaters, and there are some equally wonderful golf courses. The Branson Creek Course is highlighted by Golf Week Magazine as one of the best public courses available.

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