Associates on the Move – Dorthy Chao

Dorthy-ChaoWhen Dorthy Chao became a certified nursing assistant, she decided she wanted to work with seniors because she felt the work would be rewarding. Chao says one thing that was important to her was to work at a community where she could grow professionally. She first heard of Carlton Senior Living from a friend who worked for the company and recommended she apply for an open position.

“I went to visit the location to see if I would like it and heard a lot of positive feedback from the people who were working there,” Chao says. “Everyone there had a smile on their face. They had good relationships with the residents and their families. It seemed like a great place to work.”

Chao was hired by Carlton Senior Living in Sacramento as a medication technician in 2013. With her positivity and can-do attitude, it wasn’t long before she was promoted to a supervisor position at the community. When a position opened for a medication manager at Carlton Senior Living in Davis, she stepped up.

As a medication manager, Chao is responsible for ordering prescriptions for residents and ensuring they get their medication every day on time. Though she doesn’t get to interact with residents as much in her new role, Chao says she enjoys the fast pace of her job and likes that it keeps her busy.

“I really like that there’s room for growth here,” Chao says. “I can continue to learn new things and feel like I am making a difference.”

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