Why Aging “In Community” Is Popular For Baby Boomers

gathering-in-cafeAging “in place” versus aging “in community” – what is the difference between both options and why do people care? It might be difficult for us (as caregivers) to look forward and imagine how we are going to age in the distant future. However, if current trends are likely to be believed, many of us are going to want to age in place.

Why Age “In Community”?

Aging in place, it means that you grow old in the house that you always called home. Even though it is understandable that this provides a certain level of comfort for aging seniors, it can also lead to loneliness and isolation. Oftentimes these seniors are unable to drive, making them housebound. This means that visitors are often limited to Meals on Wheels, home health care, and the occasional family visit.

Baby boomers that are interested in ‘aging in community’ want something different – they want to age in a different manner. They do not want to be placed in a large facility where they are only a number, they do not want to overburden their family members, and they want to avoid senior isolation. They want a network of mutual support, with their community, family, and friends. This network is going to help them right away, as well as in the future.

Aging “In Community” In A Facility

Some might assume that aging in community in a residential living facility would be difficult, but the elder care professionals and experts disagree with that assessment. It is certainly possible to age in community in an assisted living facility, provided that you find an assisted living facility that is going to promote a culture of community.

This means that you have to find a facility that is going to embrace and encourage an atmosphere in which residents are empowered and respected as individuals, an option where truly close relationships are able to flourish and grow. This is certainly not the easiest and most cost-effective method of assisted living, but it is the best option for the residents.

Finding The Option That Is Right For You

If you want to be able to age in community, it means that you have to find a facility that is going to support that option. This is why so many prefer the options that are found at www.carltonseniorliving.com. Here you know that you are working with a network that not only accepts, but also encourages the concept of community aging.

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