The Biggest Fears About Senior Living – Part 2

senior-man-relaxing“I am going to be bored”

Most senior living communities offer a wide variety of activities and amenities. With so many different options available, most seniors will not even have time to be bored! From personal enrichment classes to fitness options, from outdoor excursions to field trips, there is something available for everyone.

“I Will Get Old and Sick Faster”

Some people are concerned that being amongst other “older people” is going to lead to increased chances of illness. The truth is that feeling isolated or being alone is what generally leads to depression and anxiety – while those who are surrounded by others often have better quality of life and better overall health.

If our loved one is already ill, chances are that special facilities (such as memory care options for those with Alzheimer’s disease) are able to offer customized care and planned activities that might improve health and behavior or help slow down the progress of an illness.

“People Will Forget About Me”

It is quite normal that we worry about feeling abandoned later in life, especially if we define ourselves by our social relationships. It is important to remember that you do not necessarily lose your current relationships, just because you are moving to another senior living option. You might even begin to appreciate those existing relationships even more. Given that these facilities offer a great chance for more social contact, it often means that you are even more popular than you were before the move.

“I Will Lose My Independence”

Most people assume that getting on in age means that they lose their independence – but this is just not true. If you are looking for an assisted living option, chances are that you will get help with chores that have become repetitive (think cooking, cleaning etc.). You are able to live your life with greater freedom than before, to enjoy the time that you have available. This is not about giving up on your own independence, it is about picking and choosing what you would prefer to do with your time. You are not being told what to do – you have more time available to do what YOU would like to do

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