Assisted Living

Carlton Senior Living – Taking assisted living to its highest level

While the State of California licenses assisted living facilities to establish and ensure minimum standards, it allows each provider to determine the range and type of health-related care it will make available to its residents.
Carlton Senior Living, from its inception, decided to offer the broadest spectrum of care allowable. This makes Carlton better able to meet wide-ranging resident care needs. At Carlton, we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional health-related and wellness care.

The Wellness Team

Carlton’s assisted living facilities offer residents a blend of services, social activity, and opportunities for personal growth, as well as nurturing and individualized personal care. Customized daily care allows each resident to retain as much independence and autonomy as possible. The community’s wellness team is led by the Director of Resident Services, who provides leadership to staff as well as overseeing programs that promote resident well-being.

Nurses on staff, both RNs and LVNs, are able to coordinate care, monitor residents’ health status and follow physicians’ orders for care. They also train personal caregiving staff. This allows Carlton communities to accept and retain residents with greater health-related needs as well as comprehensively manage their care.

Since most seniors take medication on a daily basis or have complicated regimens, Carlton communities offer medication management. A specially trained manager and technicians dispense residents’ centrally stored medicine. Med techs use cutting-edge electronic medication administration record (eMAR) technology that helps minimize errors, increase staff efficiency, provide comprehensive documentation, and improve quality of care.

Additionally, most Carlton communities have a full-time Resident Liaison on staff who acts as the “point person” with residents’ families, so they can receive up-to-date information about their loved one and solve concerns that may arise.

Clinical Services Consultants

The assisted living facilities wellness teams are supported and educated by CSL Home Office staff consisting of four full-time, dedicated consultants with expertise in clinical services management, policy development, dementia care, and medication management. Communities can call upon these professionals when questions arise or when they would like added information, references, and resources. Additionally, the consultants routinely monitor clinical operations for quality assurance.

Award-Winning Care Programs

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), the national trade association which represents senior housing providers, periodically bestows “Best Of” awards for programs of merit. So far, Carlton Senior Living has been honored with three awards, including:

Advanced Caregiver Training (ACT), which provides care-giving staff with additional training on conditions and diseases common among the elderly. Increased understanding better enables them to assist with care related to strokes, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis complications, Parkinson’s disease, and other disorders.

Balance Fitness and Mobility Assistance, which includes risk assessment, opportunities for fitness training, healthy walking classes, and educational seminars to promote enhanced resident mindfulness.

Diabetes Management, which is designed to assist residents to better live with diabetes on a day-to-day basis. The program includes services from registered & licensed nurses, medication management, opportunities for group or individual exercise, and diabetes-friendly meal choices.


Is Assisted Living the right choice?

Sometimes the decision to move in to an Assisted Living community is made amidst many challenges. But according to the results of a recent survey, Assisted Living can help create a sense of belonging and control for residents, easing the transition and fostering quality of life. Check out the results of this survey, which focus on the real-life experiences of residents and their family members. Then learn more from our residents by visiting our community.

Download survey (pdf)